The Dreaded Games is a spin-off of the Hunger Games created by EvilhariboMadness.


Each Dreaded Games is treated like a Quell. The Games were reinstated by Paylor, after she went mad. Some 'Quells' were said by Paylor to 'sometimes be re-used, depending on popularirty.'

First Dreaded GamesEdit

The The First Dreaded Games's twist, was that siblings were reaped. 50+ Tributes went in, and only three came back out.

The final ten was;

10th; Felisha Macelain, District Ten

9th; Margaret Quince, District Four

8th; Hanna Whittle, District Nine

7th; Valencia DeCruz, District One

6th; Khair Ochre, District Three

5th; Velocci Damiens, District Eleven

4th; Lia Mainwaring, District Five

Victor; Alicia Rivera, District Twelve

Victor; Robin Macelain, District Ten

Victor; Melanoi Jet, District Three.

Second Dreaded GamesEdit

In these Games, Two Male and Two Females from each District are reaped. At the reaping, the four Tributes will battle -by hand- until only two remain. Then, the two shall go to the Capitol and the Games will be a regular ones.

These Games are currently being written.

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